Why Experts think Metvix for proven clinical outcomes1-3

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Dr. Wei jing loo

London, ON

Dr. Loo is a board-certified Dermatologist and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

  • She completed her dermatology residency training in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • She is currently an adjunct professor at Western University in London, Ontario
  • She has a private practice in London, Ontario

The preferred treatment option for multiple AKs

Webinar Overview:

  • Why it’s proven effective in treating small and large fields of AKs
  • How it’s a simple & practical treatment procedure
  • Why there’s minimal in-clinic treatment time
  • How no investment in expensive equipment is required
  • Why there’s minimal pain

Renowned Metvix expert Dr. Loo helps you tap into the full potential of treating AK patients with Metvix Daylight in this informative webinar. Her passion for state-of-the-art treatments that blend the “science of dermatology” with an “aesthetic vision” has led to her successfully treating AK patients with Metvix Daylight. Join Dr. Loo as she shares her personal insights and fresh perspectives on using Metvix Daylight in her practice.

Learn why an in-office treatment with no additional home treatments can make all the difference in outcomes. Watch now to see how you can conveniently treat AKs in just one session.

Learn why it’s the preferred treatment for multiple AKs.

* Actinic keratosis

† In office treatment. The treated lesions should be evaluated after 3 months and if needed, 1 additional treatment session can be performed.

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